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Around Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and most visited city in Thailand, being centrally located many visitors often stop here for a few days break either on their way to another more relaxing spot in Thailand or even on route to other destinations in Asia or beyond. Bangkok is also the commercial hub of Thailand and many big Thai and multinational corporations have offices based in Bangkok. This combination of business centre and tourism hub makes Bangkok a buzzing and vibrant but very hectic city.

If you are in Bangkok for either tourism or business reasons for any length of time, why not think about a short get away from the madness of the big city and book either a 1/2/3 day charter with us from either Koh Chang or Pattaya both of which are within easy reach of the capital.


Pattaya was once a sleepy fishing village that has been transformed into one of Asia’s biggest and fun holiday destinations, Pattaya is situated 2 hrs south east of Bangkok and has excellent transport links to the big city. The islands around Pattaya bay offer some of the best and un-spoilt islands in the northern gulf of Thailand. Pattaya is great for day and 2 night charters.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand, situated about 4.5 hrs south east of the Capital. Unlike its rival for the crown Phuket, Koh Chang remains relatively under developed, in fact there is only 1 main road on the island and this doesn't go all the way around. All of the hotels and buildings on the Island are low rise construction and the local government is keen to see Koh Chang remain un-spoilt. There is national Marine park to the south of Koh Chang making the island the ideal location for 3,4 or 7 day charters.

Pattaya Boat Charter

Pattaya Destinations

Better known for its night life, but with tens of islands within easy reach we can help you find your own piece of paradise. Take a look at the best destinations.


Ко Чанг яхта

Activities Available

There are so many activities to choose from. Try the latest Flyboarding, sea walking or just relax and enjoy an onboard massage.


Ко Чанг яхта

Koh Chang Destinations

The marine park provides a fantastic gateway. There are many deserted tropical islands, white sand beaches and some of the best diving in Thailand