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Pattaya Destinations

Although Pattaya is not itself know as one of Thailand’s best beach destinations, few are aware of the absolute beauty of the small group of islands that scatter Pattaya bay, which are only accesible with a Pattaya boat charter. Most of the islands in and around the bay are still in the natural beauty that Mother Nature intended, due to their relative unknown status and the fact that most of the islands are owned and managed by the Royal Thai Navy who strictly forbids the building of any type of permanent structures. Book your Pattaya boat charter today.

The Far Islands

The group of 10 or so uninhabited islands that lie to the west of Pattaya bay otherwise known as the Far Islands offer some of the best un-spoilt beaches in Thailandand are only accessible by a Pattaya boat charter. The Islands are all owned and managed by the Royal Thai Navy, under their careful watch these islands have remained true to their natural beauty.  No roads, no permanent structures, limited boat permits, in fact the only habitants are usually 1 or 2 navy personnel who are posted there to ensure the beaches remain un-spoilt. The islands consist of the largest Koh Pai to the north, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Rin (some of the best coral snorkeling in Thailand) and the absolutely amazing Koh Kram at the south which boasts some of the most picture perfect white sandy beaches in all of Asia. explore these amazing islands with a Pattaya boat charter today!

Monkey Island

For all its amazingness Monkey island is still a relatively un-known island amongst the locals and tourists in Pattaya, lying a few miles from the coast of Satthip this little island is home to approximately 150 Long Tail Macaque Monkeys. The island is visited by tour and charter boats on a daily basis and this had led to the monkeys becoming tame and they are now famous for coming up to the tourist who visit in the hope of a free meal, the will gently climb up the visitors and sit a perch their shoulders whilst grooming their new friends. Whilst we encourage you interact with these playful  animals we strongly recommend only feeding them sensible items such as fruit and nuts. Monkeys (like Humans) are not designed to consume fizzy drinks and lots of sugar. Be sure to book a private Pattaya boat charter to fed these amazing animals.

Samae San Islands

A little further south from Sattahip lies what has been described as the most picturesque archipelago  left in Asia, with pure white sandy beaches, private little coves and completely isolated bays, this collection of island is a must for anyone looking for that true Robinson Crusoe getaway. From Pattaya these islands are best visited during a multi-night Pattaya yacht charter to allow for all its beauty to be experienced, or from Pattaya by privately charter luxury speed boat, after all who wants to rush to a deserted tropical paradise only to have leave 5 minutes later? With not many boat trips to the islands you are best booking a private Pattaya boat charter.

Pattaya Boat Charter

Pattaya Destinations

Better known for its night life, but with tens of islands within easy reach we can help you find your own piece of paradise. Take a look at the best destinations.


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We have a range of sample itineraries suited to beach lovers and the more adventurous. Whether you only have half a day or a week we promise you a fabulous time.