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Our Favorite Samui Trips

Overnight Charters (9am Day 1 – 4pm Day 2)

The Ang Thong marine park is now a popular tourist destination for those visiting both Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, and its true and natural beauty can at times be hidden by the many tour boats at its more popular spots.

To experience this wonderful location at its truly magnificent best we suggest taking a more relaxed approach and taking an overnight yacht charter around the park, this will allow your schedule to be more flexible and allows you to see the best spots when they others have left and you have it all to yourself.

If you really want to absorb this amazing archipelago in all its natural beauty then email Sarah at the Samui office and let her design an itinerary for you. 

Day Charters

The island of Koh Samui is the gateway to the famous Ang Thong national marine park, a truly amazing archipelago of over 40 magical islands. The marine park is the perfect day charter destination, whilst many operators offer joined in tours to the park, there really isn’t another way to experience its full beauty than aboard your own private speed boat or luxury Yacht.

During the day you will be taken a magical journey through the park, to experience amazing limestone rock formations, tropical rainforests, crystal clear waters and deserted beaches.

A day charter here, will generally start with a cruise or speed boat ride out to Koh Wao the furthest limit of the marine park, where you will be able to snorkel in crystal clear waters and observe the abundance of marine life these protected waters have to offer.  The head over to view  “Thale Nai” or Emerald salt water lake which featured in the movie “The Beach”.  You will also be offered the chance to explore the magical caves by sea kayak. As you cruise through the marine park weaving your way like slalom skier through its islands you will surely be in awe of the towering pre-historic rock formations, a must for any keen photographer.

Lunch will either be your chosen menu served aboard your Yacht or at a local sea food restaurant.

The day ends by cruising back to the main island of Koh Samui around sunset.


Multi day Charters (2N, 3N, 5N or longer)

For a truly magical vacation why not indulge yourself in a multi-night yacht charter in and around the island of Koh Samui, you can choose this as the mainstay of your trip to Samui or as an extension to your villa or resort holiday. The waters and islands around Koh Samui and the Ang Thong national Marine park are a great place to spend a few nights aboard your very own luxury yacht.

There are many possibilities and options for you to choose and a tailor made Yacht Charter itinerary is the best option to ensure you get everything you could possibly wish for on your dream vacation.

Whether you are experienced sailors looking for a bareboat yacht charter,  or you are wanting a week of pure relaxation where you every need is pampered to? We have the options and Yachts available that will make this trip the best you’ve ever taken.

Sarah runs our Samui office and she has years of experience in the Travel and Tourism industry, and is an avid sailor herself, email her and let her plan an unforgettable vacation for you.


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Activities Available

There are so many activities to choose from. Try the latest Flyboarding, sea walking or just relax and enjoy an onboard massage.


Ang Thong marine park

Samui Destinations

The highlight for any Samui boat trip is the marine park. The Koh Samui marina park covers a huge area and we share with you some of our favorite bays locations in the marine park and beyond.


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Samui Charter Itineraries & Menus

We have a range of sample itineraries suited to beach lovers and the more adventurous. Whether you only have half a day or a week we promise you a fabulous time.