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Koh Chang Destinations

Marine Park

Thanks to the area immediately south of Koh chang being designated a national marine park by the government, and strict conservation orders being in place the waters and beaches of the Koh Chang Marine are in pristine condition. Whether you are looking for crystal clear waters to snorkel or learn to dive in, or are a more experienced diver then these waters will surely be able to offer to something you will never forget.

Koh Kut

Further to the south of Koh Chang lies the island of Koh Kut, this sleepy little island is very under developed, in fact there isn’t anywhere on the island you could actually refer to as a town! This lack of development and tourism has ensured its beaches and bays are in exquisite condition. The diving here is by the best in the northern gulf of Thailand, with average visibility at 30m. With many spots to choose from you can dive every day for weeks and never get bored of the amazing underwater world that awaits you. Turtles, Stingrays, Barracudas and even the odd sea horse are regularly spotted of the coast of Koh Kut.

Koh Mak

The island of Koh Mak is the third largest in the Trat region, behind Koh Chang and Koh Kut, and is home to 27km of pristine coastline, the island was featured in the Sunday Times 10 most beautiful beaches in the world list in 2006. The island and its several small neighbours offer many little bays and coves to anchor in overnight and just sit back and relax whilst soaking up its natural beauty. The island and its crystal clear waters offer some amazing snorkeling opportunities.

Ко Чанг яхта

Activities Available

There are so many activities to choose from. Try the latest Flyboarding, sea walking or just relax and enjoy an onboard massage.


Ко Чанг яхта

Koh Chang Destinations

The marine park provides a fantastic gateway. There are many deserted tropical islands, white sand beaches and some of the best diving in Thailand


Ко Чанг яхта

Chang Charter Itineraries & Menus

Experience some of the least touched islands in Thailand, amazing national marine park and many beautiful island resorts