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Untouched Mynamar

If you have a little more time, then why not get well off the beaten track and visit some of the untouched islands in the Mynamar waters? Until recently these islands were out of bounds to most tourists, but with a more moderate political situation the first tourists are now able to visit some wonderful islands untouched and unspoiled by any tourism.

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Better known for its night life, but with tens of islands within easy reach we can help you find your own piece of paradise. Take a look at the best destinations.


Ко Чанг яхта

Activities Available

There are so many activities to choose from. Try the latest Flyboarding, sea walking or just relax and enjoy an onboard massage.


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We have a range of sample itineraries suited to beach lovers and the more adventurous. Whether you only have half a day or a week we promise you a fabulous time.