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Bareboat Charter FAQ

What is a bare boat charter?

A Bare boat charter is quite simply put, chartering a yacht without a skipper or crew, you are on your own.  This type of charter is often preferred by many experienced sailors as it allows for complete privacy on your holiday.

How do we get around?

With bare boat charter’s you are responsible for skippering the yacht and all navigation.

Do we all need to be certified?

Not everybody in your group needs to be certified or experienced sailors, but your charter agreement will require a certain number are. This will depend on the specific boat and destination, your agent will be able to advise you on all aspects of the required paperwork.

Who will clean and look after the boat and us?

Again with bare boat charters you are fully responsible for every aspect of the yacht, this includes all cleaning, cooking any minor repairs and safety. It is very much like renting a holiday villa, with the exception that you can move the villa to a different idyllic location every day.

It sounds like more hard work than a holiday?

At first glance yes it does sound like a lot of work to undertake on your dream vacation; however the immense sense of freedom and achievement you get from a bareboat charter will ensure that this is one of the best holidays you will ever take.

We are experienced sailors but don’t know the waters around Thailand?

It is possible to bare boat charter a Yacht here in Thailand and then have a local experienced skipper join you to help with any parts of the navigation you are unsure of. This still allows you to achieve the great sense of freedom but with the peace of mind of having a knowledgeable skipper on hand. Much in the same way big ships use local pilots for navigating into port.